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What Is Digital Restoration?

  Digital restoration recovers and restores a photograph to as close to or better then
  the original photo while leaving the original unaltered. It does not involve physical
  restoration nor alteration of the original photograph.
  I make a high-quality scan of the photograph, and this is what I work with.
  All the restorative work takes place in the computer, not on the original photograph.
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To see the Restored Photos, move the mouse over each picture.

It usually produces much better improvements in image quality than conventional
physical restoration.

If restoring the image, not the actual photograph, is what's important to you,
then digital restoration is the safest and the best way to resurrect a photograph.

Digital restoration is not retouching (retouching is enhancing and/or manipulating
an image).

In other words I don't draw, paint, or hand tint. Sometimes I need to create parts
of a photograph where an area in the original is so badly damaged that there is
nothing of the image to be recovered.

For the information on ordering services for restoration go here.

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